By- Shagufta Waris

Consuming Halal is a matter of religious faith. The edibles and other usables which are permitted to use by Islami shariya in Quran are halal, and those which are forbidden are defined as haram. Our children who are blooming into youth with the influence of Western culture are a little or totally unconscious of this faith. They do not ponder over the fact. There eat what is delicious and easily available. Being a senior Muslim guy, me think it is my duty to awake their conscience. We see that the young son of ADAM(pbuh) is very much interested in doing and eating forbidden.

Among youths ready-made food, fast food, junk food and beverages are much popular. Haram ingredients are found in both veg and non veg edibles. Most of the youngsters are used to eat in hotels and restaurants as this is their outing and fun Time. If we are Muslim we have to think over it seriously. First of all we have to consider the ill effects of eating non halal. According to Islamic law it is a sin to eat forbidden ie. Pork, carrion and jhatka slaughter. Now medically it is proven the meat forbidden in Islam is harmful for health. A large number of doctors,health specialists and neutritians are advocating halal slaughter because in cutting the throat of animal from artery allowed the blood to drain out to its extreme. We know blood is suitable platform for bacteria to nourish, it means no blood in meat, no bacteria in it. While in jhatka slaughter blood is freezed in arteries and veins of animals which make the meat harmful for health due to bacteria, altogether it is hard and indigestible.

Carrion- flash of dead and decaying animal is forbidden because it is harmful for health. Hotels and restaurants are using such type of meat fearlessly because we are not conscious enough to know about it.Just imagine yourself eating dead and decay meat in guise of a tasty meat or a tasty dish, how you will react? Me think you would like to throw up all you have eaten. So, dear young foodies ‘first inquire then require’.

Many admixtures are added in packed food and beverages. Non halal preservatives and flavor are found in packed food. Use of alcohol in drinks is very common. We have to know whether these are harmless for our health or not. It is also to be considered that the thickeners, emulsifiers and flavours are from halal resources or not. Quran commands to take halal food before any good deed it gives energy to both body and soul. For the sake of Islamic law and health young generation should avoid all that which is forbidden. Health is a boon for us we should not destroy it by bad food habits. Be health conscious, think healthy and eat healthy. Non Halal is neither pious nor nutritious,if we are the Ummah of prophet Mohammed(pbuh) and If we are Muslim it is our duty to follow Islamic rules. Ignorance is a curse, do your best to get rid of it. Adopt all means to know the fact and try to reduce all misapprehensions. Positive effect can lead to awareness of halal among youth. Reading of related literature will help a lot. Frank communication with learned ones will be very fruitful.

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  1. Thankyou for this valuable information. I really wanna gain more knowledge about this topic. Keep updating me and my friends by your new posts. Thanks a lot!

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