If that is not halal then why?

By- Shagufta Waris
The earlier post was an overglance on the concept of halal. It was mainly to create an awareness of it among youths. We know that new generation is very curious about things. Telling them that is permissible and that is prohibited  is not suffice to persuade them to follow  the right one. They want reason and approval if something is halal or non halal then why it is so.
Here l will do my best to answer thier ‘why?’.

In lslam there are certain rules and regulations of slaughtering the animal for food purpose. In Islamic law animal is sacrificed in the name of Allah–the most merciful. A sharp edge knife three times bigger than animals neck is used to slit the juglar vein and wind pipe in only one quick swipe. When animal is slaughterd in this way even the last drop of blood is drained out from animals body. Islamic law has advocated such way of slaughtering because consumption of blood is not halal.
Consumption of blood is haram means not permissible in lslam, ‘why?’ the answer is very simple because blood is harmful for our physical health. The blood is most favourable  platform for bacteria to nourish. When we become  sick and go to doctor the doctor will recommend blood  and urine test. All the diseases minor or major are diagnosed through testing the blood. Fevers of all type—viral, malaria, dengue, chickenguenia and so on,  all diagnosed from blood test. Heart problem, cholesterol level, blood sugar level or dermatological  problems or orthopaedic disease all are diagnosed through testing blood. Aids and HIV test or uric acid all are depended on blood test. It is because that blood is saturated in all kind of bacteria, harmones toxins and viruses.
Almighty knows what is salubrious for our body and soul. As blood is the native  of germs and bacteria so He forbids us to consume blood and blood products. Even Great God has taught the animals the rules of eating, that is why they eat the harmless one. Cattle do not graze the poisonous grass in jungle. Either we are muslim or non muslim, it is our privilege to be fit and healthy. We should avoid harmful or non halal and consume halal for its fruitfulness and for the sake of our faith.
There are many other things forbidden in Islam, in relation of meat consumption. These are carrion and pork, some wild and pet animals and birds etc . ln my further post l will discuss that matter too. Stay with us. Team Halal Sign is here to guide you. We care for your health and faith. Contact us at our website http://www.halalsign.com.   


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