‘HALAL SIGN’ Promoting Halal In India

By- Shagufta Waris 

Halal concept is not unknown to anyone now. The consumptions which are permitted in lslamic law are deemed as halal,and those use ables or edibles which are prohibited in consistent with Quran are defined as ‘haram ‘or non halal. Times ago it was the concern of muslim only  but now due to its beneficiary  nature and medical approval,halal  consumption has become  the need of the day. Today not only muslim but non muslim also want to consume halal. People want some reliable  source to guide them in this context.
Many organisations  are mushrooming  in home and abroad to meet the demands of the folks. HALAL SIGN  is an eminent organisation  in India which is playing a vital role to promote halal consumptions. Team ‘halal sign’ is invoking an awareness among people. Though halal sign needs no presentation  but here l would like you to get to know about our noble services.
                       Halal Sign is the first of its kind independent consultancy based in lndia for halal  services. lt is governed by an independent  board of founding members and lslamic Scholars Advisory panel from all over lndia and abroad. Our PRIME OBJECTIVE  is to spread  awareness of halal products in home and in abroad. We are providing customer assurance of authenticity. Our aim is to facilitate halal trade and participation  of Indian  companies in the global market.
       Now l would like to have an over glance at the services  offered  by Halal sign. It is praiseworthy  that halal sign is creating world largest database of halal products both in food and non food items. We provide halal certificate for FMCG, restaurant’s,bakeries,cafetieres, hostel,hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Our eyes are spacially focussed on abattoirs. After keen observation, tests and surveys we certify them. We are proceeding more ahead by training and seminars. We have   launched a HALAL NEWSLETTER, a quarterly basis publications  of halal news trends latest market update etc.
Halal Sign services do not end here. Our achievements are further more greater than those above mentioned. Our certificates have global recognition and of course it is recognised by the Government of lndia. Our test are associated with international laboratory partner. Halal Logo instantly provides a testimony of halal claim. We have strong technical  Advisory Panel to support  shariya. We have more than thousands  questions from FMGC giants along with their replies. We have a responsible team for answering general public and consumers for their questions regarding halal consumptions and misconceptions. We have been a special invitee at IFA ISLAMIC FIQH ACADEMY 2015. Time to time we organise public programme in schools and madersas.
     Our sole aim is to promote halal consumptions. We are focusing to create an awareness of it among all especially in muslims and our new generation. Now it is not the matter of meat only,it encompasses all the matter of daily life. In food and in non food, even in our behaviour and actions we have to adopt halal. Halal must be the urge of every muslim ,this is our earnest  motive. Learned advisors are here to satisfy your queries about halal concept. Join us,stay with us .we are eager to assist and assure  you .Dwell on our website http://www.halalsign.com. 


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