Alot of literature, abstracts and articles have been written on halal concept. It is satisfactory that a cognitive awareness is noticed among muslims regarding it. They like to ensure whether all the consumptions —-food ,processed food as well as non food items are halal or not. Their concern covers all the matter of daily life

Muslims are approximately 31% of population on earth that means we are 160 crore in the world. After Indonesia there is second large population of muslim in India. Though in accordance with muslim population halal products are not enough to meet their demands yet halal is available at least. This indicates that the popularity of halal is increasing rapidly. Muslims are demanding halal and market is providing it. Big food brands like KFC, TESCO, PIZZA HUT, are serving halal meat in their food items to meet the demands of Muslim community to earn grand profit. SUBWAY also removed ham and bacon from its store after strong urge of halal delecting Muslim. Many other small and big restraunts are getting halal certificate for their kitchen.

As FOOD INDUSTRY is a vast Industry that covers veg and non veg both. So not only non veg but veg food is also immaculated from non halal elements. Dawat rice is labled with halal certificate.
Boost which is now selling halal baby food served halal meat earlier. The producers of FMCG(fast moving consumer goods) are also providing halal- toothpaste, mouth wash, face and hand wash, sanitizer and many more things of daily use .Most of these are undefiled from all the constituents which are prohibited in Islam.

PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR which was as much polluted with non halal as other,now is on the way to purification.
Many pharmaceutical companies are providing non alcoholic medicines. Later capsules covers were made of gelatine(driven from non halal animals) but now the toss is turning. At the urge of Muslim plant gelatine is used for capsules.

COSMETIC INDUSTRY is also improving and changing its pattern of production for halal purpose. Eba and Maybelline have launched halal beauty creams, lotions ,lipisticks and many more things. They do not use non halal constituents in their products.

All these mentioned efforts are made to woo and satisfy muslim consumers so that they may earn enough money. There is a large number of muslim consumers. They owe a lot to world’s economy so companies are working in accordance with their demand to extend business.

In abroad and in home as well,muslims are demanding halal for the protection of body and soul. Extending availability of halal in market is the probate of the fact that the muslims are awaken and they need halal in food and in all matters of daily life. KFC puts forth “feedback from consumers has indicated that there is a significant demand for halal food”. As Indians are demanding halal so companies are providing halal. Now It is our duty to confirm whether the products floating in the market are seriously halal. Their halal certification is from valid identity or not. In our country HALAL SIGN is at your service to help and guide you. Make an approach to us at our website


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